Monday, December 2, 2013

Life isn't what we always think about..

It's always unpredictable..
By the time I'm writing this down.. I suddenly realize about something that 
I didn't even sure about it.. 
The truth is I always love dreaming sometimes I really hope that I will never wake up
from my dreams.. It's truly are beautiful than my real life..
I'm just a normal girl that live in an ordinary life.. All I want in my life is just 
happiness that I always wish for.. Full of fantasy that I know that it will not come true..
In this world I barely didn't know who should I believe in..There's no misery things that happened in my life.. but I don't know why I'm upset with myself..I felt a lot of depression but I show the different side of me to others.. 

Well actually..I'm sorry if there is a typing error or a wrong grammar..
I could write in malay... But i'm suck in it..neither in english but i really felt in love in this languange..so pardon me..and thank you for your consideration to read my stupid writing..
I'm suck at almost everything actually..see ya in the next post..have a got day..

                                                                                                          sincerely me :p